Launch a cloud computing environment in 2 seconds

Use the Next Sandbox to write code, explore APIs, and try new software with browser-based computing environments that start in 2 seconds.
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Build software faster
Turn your ideas into code faster using dozens of pre-built environments for a variety of software.
Explore new programs
With complete admin access, you can quickly install and try new software before deciding to download it.
Learn by breaking things
Take software apart to see how it works without worrying about having to put it back together.
Powerful functionality, refreshing simplicity
No setup required
Launch a sandbox from dozens of pre-built computing environments in just a click.
Starts in 2 seconds
A new dev environment launches in 2 seconds, because great ideas shouldn't have to wait.
Simple, powerful interface
Build what you want with the features you need without being overloaded with a complex interface.
Powerful unlocked terminal
Navigate directories, use sudo, curses programs, tmux, vim, and so much more.
Actual operating system
A real operating system environment that feels just like a local install.
Any port reverse proxy
Connect to any port from anywhere to test websites and APIs you built.
Real desktop environment
With a full X window display, you can build programs that require a graphics display and try any software you'd like.
Shareable sandboxes
Share your great ideas with anyone to collect feedback, show off your work, or iterate with others.
No lock in
Once you're done building in the cloud, download your code to continue working locally.
Pairs with learning materials
Pair a sandbox with interactive courses for a variety of tech skills so you can learn while you build.
Simple pricing
Pay just $19 a month after a 7 day free trial for unlimited access to any number of sandboxes.
Use your environment
For Businesses: Use your own environment so your devs know exactly what they're starting with.
We host, you build
Our fully managed infrastructure and browser-based tool means you can explore without having to constantly wrestle with your dev environment.
2 GB
maximum RAM utilization
2 second
launch time
50 MB
automatic file storage
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