Beginning Python

Learn the basics of Python with a series of lessons, activities, and challenges.


Name Type Steps
Introduction Lesson 2
Checking our Python Installation Activity 1
Working with the Python Interpreter Activity 1
Working with the Python Shell Challenge 1
Writing and Running Simple Scripts Lesson 1
Creating a Script Activity 1
Running a File Containing Invalid Commands Lesson 1
Passing User Arguments to Scripts Activity 1
Running Simple Python Scripts Challenge 1
Python Syntax Lesson 5
Checking the Type of a Value Activity 1
Type Conversion Lesson 1
Assigning Variables Activity 1
Using Variables Activity 1
Multiple Assignment Lesson 1
Using Variables and Assign Statements Challenge 1
Naming Identifiers and Reserved Words Lesson 1
Python Keywords Activity 1
Python Naming Conventions Lesson 1
Variable Assignment and Variable Naming Conventions Challenge 1
User Input Lesson 4
Fetching and Using User Input Activity 1
Comments and Indentation Lesson 5
The Importance of Proper Indentation Activity 1
Fixing Indentations in a Code Block Challenge 1
Implementing User Input and Comments in a Script Challenge 1
Numerical Data Lesson 3
Converting Between Different Types of Number Systems Activity 1
Operators Lesson 3
Order of Operations Challenge 1
Using Different Arithmetic Operators Challenge 1
Strings Lesson 3
String Slicing Quiz 1
Strings cont'd Lesson 4
Working with Strings Challenge 1
Using Escape Sequences Activity 1
Escape Sequences Lesson 1
Manipulating Strings Challenge 1
Lists Lesson 6
List References Activity 1
Working with Lists Challenge 1
Booleans Lesson 5
Using Boolean Operators Quiz 1
Control Statements Lesson 5
Using the if Statement Activity 1
Working with the if Statement Challenge 1
The while Statement Lesson 2
Using the while Statement Activity 1
Using while to Keep a Program Running Activity 1
Loops Lesson 2
Using the for Loop Activity 1
Loops cont'd Lesson 2
The for Loop and the range Function Challenge 1
Nesting Loops Lesson 1
Using Nested Loops Activity 1
Nested Loops Challenge 1
Breaking Out of Loops Lesson 5
Breaking out of Loops Challenge 1
Functions Lesson 5
Defining Global and Local Variables Activity 1
Functions cont'd Lesson 2
Function Arguments Lesson 5
Function Arguments Challenge 1
Anonymous Functions Lesson 2
Creating a Lambda Function Activity 1
Using Lambda Functions Challenge 1
List Syntax Lesson 4
Using the List Methods Challenge 1
Tuple Syntax Lesson 1
Creating a Tuple Activity 1
Accessing Tuple Elements Lesson 2
Accessing Tuple Elements Using Indexing Activity 1
Accessing Tuple Elements Using Slicing Activity 1
Tuple Methods Lesson 2
Using Tuple Methods Challenge 1
Working with Dictionaries Lesson 3
Creating a Dictionary Challenge 1
Adding Data to a Dictionary Activity 1
Reading Data from a Dictionary Activity 1
Iterating Through Dictionaries Activity 1
Additional Dictionary Attributes Lesson 7
Arranging and Presenting Data Using Dictionaries Challenge 1
Ordered Dictionaries Lesson 1
Combining Dictionaries Challenge 1
The Basics of Sets Reading 1
Creating Sets Activity 1
Adding Data to a Set Activity 1
Reading Data from a Set Activity 1
Building a Set Challenge 1
Removing Data from a Set Activity 1
Set Operations Lesson 8
Creating Unions of Elements in a Collection Challenge 1