Teach what's next in tech

Create immersive e-learning experiences with browser-based development environments and an automated assessment engine.
Trusted by Earth's leading education companies
A world-class IDE for teaching tech skills
Our IDE has been honed by the input of educators around the world to perfectly walk the line between learning tool and developer tool.
Ensure mastery of introductory concepts
Guide beginners to success with interactive tasks, automated instant feedback, simplified interfaces, and a friendly code bot.
Train the next software developers
Use a powerful tab-based interface to teach advanced programming, web development, graphical programs, databases, and machine learning, and more.
Teach data science and machine learning
Deliver courses for these in-demand skills using Jupyter Notebooks, customizable environment resources, and a root-access command line.
Create entire lessons in minutes
Quickly turn your existing materials into interactive lessons using a powerful WYSIWYG content editor. We'll help with documentation, training, and enterprise support.
What do you want to teach?
We support any Linux-based programming language with pre-built environments. Need something special? We'll deploy it to our fully managed custom environments.
A true platform for tech education
Build interactive content that aligns with your existing materials to ensure your teaching style and branding is preserved.
Any language you want
Select from pre-built images with the programming languages, databases, and software you want to teach.
Starter code and environment
Provide code to start the project with and pre-install any software you need.
Powerful tab-based interface
A new file, terminal, or web browser are just a click away. Go further with Jupyter Notebooks, real GUIs, and SQL editors.
Pre-built content to start with
Start with existing courses on programming, data science, databases, web development, machine learning, and more.
Add interactive instructions
Build multi-step projects loaded with markdown, tasks, live coding snippets, and quizzes.
Write auto-checked tasks
Provide any number of tasks to complete to guide a learner through their project.
Deep testing methodologies
Verify tasks using hundreds of testing frameworks to multi-verify the work has been completed.
Sync with GitHub
Pull existing content directly from GitHub with seamless integration for instructions and files.
Deploy with a single line of code
Embed projects with just a single line of code. Perform tight integrations with < 10 more.
Persistent projects
All projects persist code forever, saving work to pick up again later.
White labeled cleanliness
Retain your branding to prevent confusion as projects are delivered alongside other materials.
Support every step of the way
Get help with lesson design, creation, best practices, and more.
Scale without limits
Our SmartScaler ensures that projects launch in seconds no matter the load on our 100% autoscaled cluster.
Get bigger environments
Compute environments with more RAM, CPU, disk space, and network IO are just a click away.
Host custom images
Provide installation scripts for hosted custom images. Once loaded into our SmartScaler, they'll always be ready in seconds.
Get network access
Monetize your content via Next XYZ or our other distribution channels.
Integrate with anything
Use Zapier to pipe your data to hundreds of platforms, databases, and APIs.
Gain valuable insights
Learn from project usage where content can be improved, what subjects are confusing, and where the most time is spent.
Flexible and secure data storage
Embed projects without providing personal information. All data storage is FERPA compliant and transmitted over SSL.
Battle-tested infrastructure
Our SmartScaled infrastructure ensures your users have a secure computing environment available in seconds.
10 million
servers deployed
2,000 years
of compute time powered
2 second
launch time
Per-minute pricing that scales
Our enterprise plans are based entirely on server use time, so your costs scale as you grow.
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Managed sandbox infrastructure
Intelligent smart-scaling
Custom sandbox environments
99% uptime SLA
Enterprise support & training
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