Intermediate Python

Expand your knowledge of Python with a series of lessons, activities, and challenges.


Name Type Steps
Object-Oriented Programming Lesson 3
Creating a Class Activity 1
Instantiating a Person Object Activity 1
Adding Attributes to an Object Lesson 2
Adding Attributes to a Class Activity 1
Defining a Class and Objects Challenge 1
Creating a Method for our Class Activity 1
Passing Arguments to Instance Methods Activity 1
Setting Instance Attributes within Instance Methods Activity 1
Defining Methods in a Class Challenge 1
Class Versus Instance Attributes Reading 1
Declaring a Class with Instance Attributes Activity 1
Extending our Class with Class Attributes Activity 1
Implementing a Counter for Instances of a Class Activity 1
Creating Class Attributes Challenge 1
Creating Instance Methods Activity 1
Class Methods Lesson 1
Testing our Factory Method Activity 1
Accessing Class Attributes from within Class Methods Activity 1
Encapsulation and Information Hiding Lesson 1
Creating Class Methods and Using Information Hiding Challenge 1
Class Inheritance Lesson 1
Implementing Class Inheritance Activity 1
Overriding the __init__ Method to Add an Attribute Activity 1
Commonly Overridden Methods Lesson 3
Overriding Methods Challenge 1
Multiple Inheritance Lesson 2
Implementing Multiple Inheritance Lesson 1
Practicing Multiple Inheritance Challenge 1
Modules, Packages, and File Operations Lesson 2
Creating Modules Activity 1
Imports and Import Statements Lesson 1
Importing Modules Activity 1
Modules and Packages Lesson 2
Inspecting Modules Challenge 1
Packages Lesson 3
Listing the Resources Defined in a Package or Module Challenge 1
Using Resources in a Module Challenge 1
File Operations Lesson 5
Creating, Reading, and Writing to Files Activity 1
The with Context Manager Lesson 1
Performing File Operations Challenge 1
Handling Structured Data Lesson 5
Working with Files Challenge 1
Working with JSON Data Lesson 2
Error Handling Lesson 12
Identifying Error Scenarios Challenge 1
Handling Errors and Exceptions Lesson 1
Implementing the try...except Block Activity 1
Implementing the try...except...else Block Activity 1
Implementing the finally Keyword Activity 1
Handling Errors Challenge 1
Custom Exceptions Lesson 3
Creating Your Own Custom Exception Class Challenge 1