Java Fundamentals

This course will provide you with an introduction Java, a general-purpose and widely used programming language.


Name Type Steps
Introduction to Java Reading 6
Hello World Activity 1
Performing Simple Arithmetic Operations Activity 1
Printing the Results of Simple Arithmetic Operations Challenge 1
Displaying Non-ASCII Characters Activity 1
Reading User Input Challenge 1
Calculating the Percent of Increase or Decrease Challenge 1
Variables Data Types and Operators Reading 5
Type Casting Activity 1
Inputting Student Information and Outputting an ID Challenge 1
Calculating the Number of Full Fruit Boxes Challenge 1
Control Flow Reading 4
Implementing an if-else Statement Activity 1
Implementing the else-if Statement Activity 1
Controlling the Flow of Execution Using Conditionals Challenge 1
Developing a Temperature System Challenge 1
Implementing a FOR loop Activity 1
Implementing a Nested for Loop Activity 1
Implementing the for Loop Challenge 1
Implementing while Loop Activity 1
Implementing the while Loop Challenge 1
Implementing Looping Constructs Challenge 1
Nested Loops Challenge 1
Object Oriented Programming Reading 12
Working with Classes and Objects Activity 1
Using the Person Class Activity 1
Creating a Simple Class Challenge 1
Writing a Calculator Class Challenge 1
Creating a Calculator Using Inheritance Challenge 1
Understanding Inheritance and Polymorphism Challenge 1
In-Depth Object Oriented Programming Reading 7
Implementing Interfaces Activity 1
Creating and Implementing Interfaces Challenge 1
Understanding Typecasting Challenge 1
Implementing Abstract Classes and Methods Activity 1
Data Structures Arrays and Strings Reading 8
Creating an Array Using a Loop Activity 1
Searching for a Number in an Array Activity 1
Finding the Smallest Number in an Array Challenge 1
Printing a Two Dimensional Array Activity 1
Calculator with an Array of Operators Challenge 1
Printing a Three Dimensional Array Activity 1
Implementing Insertion Sort Activity 1
Adding Removing and Replacing Elements in an Array Activity 1
Iterating Through an ArrayList Activity 1
Working with ArrayList Activity 1
Input a String and Output its Length Challenge 1
Calculate from Input Challenge 1
Working with StringBuilder Activity 1
Removing Duplicate Characters from a String Challenge 1
The Collections Framework and Generics Reading 14
Reading a CSV File Activity 1
Building a CSV Reader Activity 1
Read Users from CSV Activity 1
Reading Users From a CSV File into an Array Activity 1
Reading Users From a CSV File into a Vector Activity 1
Reading a Real Dataset Using Vector Challenge 1
Iterating on a Vector of Users Challenge 1
Find a User by Email Activity 1
Find a User by Text in a Name or Email Activity 1
Using a Hashtable to Group Data Challenge 1
Creating a Comparator that Compares Strings Alphabetically Activity 1
Using Treeset to Print Sorted Users Activity 1
Fake Email Sender Activity 1
Sorting Users Challenge 1
Advanced Data Structures Reading 6
Adding Elements to a Linked List Activity 1
Creating a Custom Linked List Challenge 1
Creating a Binary Search Tree Activity 1
Implementing Methods in the BinarySearchTree Class Challenge 1
Using an Enum to Store Directions Activity 1
Using an enum to Hold Information Challenge 1
Understanding the Behavior of Equals and Hashcode Activity 1
Implementing Reverse Lookup Challenge 1
Overriding Equals and Hashcode Activity 1
Exception Handling Reading 13
Introducing Exceptions Activity 1
Exceptions Versus Error Codes Activity 1
Using Methods that Throw Unchecked Exceptions Activity 1
Handling Mistakes in Numeric User Input Activity 1
Throwing an Exception Activity 1
Creating Custom Exception Classes Activity 1
Uncaught Exceptions Activity 1
Writing Custom Exceptions Challenge 1
Multiple Catch Blocks and their Order Activity 1
Exception Propagation Activity 1
Chained Exceptions Activity 1
Leaving a File Open as a Result of an Exception Activity 1
Dealing with Multiple Exceptions in a Block Challenge 1
Try with Resources Block Activity 1
Suppressing Exceptions Activity 1
Asking the User for Help Activity 1
Working with Multiple Exceptions Challenge 1